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, dal, dholl
a tropical African and Asian leguminous shrub, Cajanus cajan, cultivated in tropical regions for its nutritious pealike seeds


(1) (Dedicated Access Line) A private "tie line" between a customer and the telephone company.

(2) (Data Access Language) A database interface from Apple that allows the Mac to access DAL-supported databases on Macs or non-Apple computers. It is a superset of SQL. Database vendors license the specs and translate DAL calls to their database engines.
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WATCHING boyhood heroes Ajax win he Champions League when he was a starry-eyed kid inspired Dyron Daal to make it in the game.
Daal said the movement of his pitches remains consistent, but his location has been off.
Daal added: "My ambition here is to score goals, get a good contract and be important.
Daal will wait until the end of the season to make up his mind but reiterated his desire to stay in Scotland.
Yell for leather: Caldo barks out orders' Amateur dramatics: Dyron Daal fires No.
I've been very disappointed with the last three starts I had,'' Daal said.
But the keeper denied Daal a hat-trick when he saved a shot with his legs.
LOAN DANGER: Dyron Daal has been a smash-hit with Dundee
It also left Daal (11-9) to shoulder much of the blame after a loss in which the Dodgers outplayed the Giants over the final seven innings.
Goals in either half from on-loan Aberdeen ace Daal dented the Diamonds' hopes of staying up as Dundee bid to finish with a flurry.
Left-hander Omar Daal was roughed up for five runs in 1 2/3 innings, creating the big deficit the Dodgers were trying to overcome with grit and hustle.
Chickpeas are 11 rupees more expensive and daal moong is four rupees more expensive at Rs 50 per kg.