chain snake

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chain snake:

see king snakeking snake,
name for a number of species of the genus Lampropeltis, nonvenomous, egg-laying, constricting snakes of North America which show much variation in color and markings.
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Daboia russelii russelii frequents grasslands, cultivated fields, saltbush scrubs and the margin of the marshes.
Saara hardwickii, Eublepharis macularius, Hoplobatrachus tigerinus, Echis carinatus sochureki, and Daboia russelii.
Echis carinatus sochureki, Daboia russelii russelii and Eristicophis macmahoni, belong to the subfamily Viperinae of the Family Viperidae.
These also include Echis carinatus, Daboia russelii and Eristicophis macmahoni, the three taxa of interest in the present study.
In another study, molecular phylogeny of Vipera Laurenti, 1768 and the related genera Macrovipera (Reuss, 1927) and Daboia (Gray, 1842) was elucidated (Garrigues et al.
The anti snake venoms are monovalent and effective against, Callesolasma rhodostoma, Ophiophagus hannah, Bungarus fasciatus, Bungarus candidus, Trimeresurus albolabris, Naja kaouthia and Daboia siamensis.
The most significant species in terms of envenomings across the Asian countries (Basic and Supplemental) are: Callesolasma rhodostoma, Cryptelytrops albolabris, Bungarus candidus, Naja sumatrana, Daboia siamensis, Naja kaouthia, Bungarus multicinctus, Naja siamensis, Naja atra and Naja philippinensis.
After the construction of reservoir, a vast area of rangelands has been inundated, eliminating scrub and thorny vegetations, thereby affecting Indian civet, Bengal fox, Little Indian field mouse, Black francolin, Cyrtopodion scabrum (common tuberculate ground gecko), Psammophis condanarus (Indo -Burmese sand snake) and Daboia russelii (Russel's chain viper).