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1. Prosody a metrical foot of three syllables, one long followed by two short (— ⌣ ⌣)
2. Zoology any digit of a vertebrate


(dak -tăl) See Ida.



in syllabotonic versification (including Russian), a three-syllable foot in which the stress falls on the first syllable (- - -). An example of the dactyl in Russian verse is

Tuchkĭ nĕ/ besny̆ĕ,/ vechny̆ĕ/ strannĭkĭ!

Step’i͝u la,/ zurnǒi ̆u,/ tsep’i͝u zhĕm/ chuzhnǒi͝u . ..


In ancient metrics the dactyl was a three-syllable foot with a duration of four morae made up of one long syllable and two short syllables (---).

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That is a result of the hydrodynamic teardrop design of the region that comprises of the dactyl club and a neighboring area on the body.
Riek (1971) separated them into the genera Samastacus and Parastacus; he assigned two species [Parastacus spinifrons (Philippi, 1882) and Parastacus araucanius Faxon, 1914] to the genus Samastacus, in view of the following characteristics: P1 dactyls moving horizontally and phallic papillae being relatively long, articulated tubular projections.
As if to underscore the rift of this loss, the smooth melody of regular dactyls is replaced with a jarring composite of spondees, trochees, iambs, and dactyls, all of which break from the hymns and folk songs that Hardy drew upon.
If we accept Heinsius's theory that the word adamas in line 277 of our description refers to Celmis the Dactyl, then Statius, relying the various popular associations of the daimones, appears to have united his Callimachean-Telchinic concerns with Orphic theogonic stories regarding the Greek daimones.
Hungarian iambic is syllabo-accentual, whereas Hungarian trochees and dactyls are basically "quantitative," as in Greek and Latin poetry.
We used the same procedure as the previous laboratory trials, except that trials lasted 2-3 days and we used crabs of similar claw length (mean dactyl length, 29 ram) rather than weight, thus giving C.
The dactyl formula ranges from 0, 4-8, I, 3-4 (5), while the propodus formula is 0, i, 3-6, I, (2) 3-4.
WORD MEANING Cera Horns Tri Three Tops Face Micro Small Ovi Egg Tyranno Tyrant Saur Lizard Raptor Robber Pter Wing Dactyl Reptile
Leg probes, dactyl clasps, and exploration time were quantified by observers blind to the stimulus.
Dactyl or anapest-that extra beat that quivers over
Iamb, anapest, trochee, dactyl, spondee," he recited, "da dee, da da dee, dee da, dee da da, dee dee.
This theatre show for all the family encourages the audience to participate as dinosaur detectives with the help of Dinosaur Joe and Terry Dactyl.