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1. Prosody a metrical foot of three syllables, one long followed by two short (— ⌣ ⌣)
2. Zoology any digit of a vertebrate
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(dak -tăl) See Ida.
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in syllabotonic versification (including Russian), a three-syllable foot in which the stress falls on the first syllable (- - -). An example of the dactyl in Russian verse is

Tuchkĭ nĕ/ besny̆ĕ,/ vechny̆ĕ/ strannĭkĭ!

Step’i͝u la,/ zurnǒi ̆u,/ tsep’i͝u zhĕm/ chuzhnǒi͝u . ..


In ancient metrics the dactyl was a three-syllable foot with a duration of four morae made up of one long syllable and two short syllables (---).

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Dactyl is available at the Apple App Store for iPads and Professor Thompson has been impressed by the number of people downloading the app.
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Chela with 2-3 rows of tubercles along mesial margin of palm, usually 6-10 tubercles in mesial most row, 4-8 in dorsomesial row, and occasionally present are a proximalmesial row of 3-9 weakly developed tubercles running to knob at base of dactyl; small tufts of setae on mesial margin of palm, dorsomesial and dorsolateral surfaces, and fingers; dorsal surfaces of fingers with well-developed longitudinal ridges.
"[And] there was no wind" becomes "and not a breath of wind any-where" (2:04): anapest and spondee become three dactyls and an amphimacer; "groping their way in" becomes "groping blindly in" (2:06): dactyl and trochee become three insistent trochees, the last catalectic; "took a ship's shape as she past within" becomes "took on the shape of a ship as she passed within" (2:14): trochee, spondee, anapest, and iamb become three rocking dactyls and an amphimacer; and "my view a live-sea" becomes "my view, a proper, live-sea" (3:15): spondee, pyrrhic syllable, spondee become spondee, amphibrach, sponde e.
Remember Galileo's improbable photograph of asteroid Ida and its tiny moon, Dactyl? And the romantic rendezvous of the NEAR spacecraft with asteroid Eros on Valentine's Day 2000?
28 Galileo spacecraft bound for Jupiter flies past and photographs asteroid Ida and discovers its little moon, Dactyl, 1993.
This covers the traditional notions anapest, dactyl, iamb, and spondee.
The VAT inquiry started with a nationwide VAT crackdown codenamed Operation Dactyl in which Customs officials raided hotels up and down the country.
To her friend Bryher, Moore became Dactyl, shortened from pterodactyl.