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see orchard grassorchard grass
or cocksfoot,
widely distributed perennial grass (Dactylis glomerata) native to Eurasia and N Africa and extensively naturalized in the United States.
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The vegetation is dominated by common species of hayfields such as Arrhenaterum elatius, Dactylis polygama, Achillea millefolium, Daucus carota, Knautia arvensis, Leucanthemum vulgare, and Trifolium pratense, and interspersed with patches of some weeds of pastures such as Cirsium arvense, Agrimonia eupatoria, etc.
7 Total number of species 50 92 Class Molinio-Arrhenatheretea Achillea millefolium 76 45 Centaurea jacea 52 60 Dactylis glomerata 52 23 Festuca pratensis 16 24 Lathyrus pratensis 28 49 Phleum pratense 12 8 Plantago lanceolata 56 14 Poa pratensis 36 31 Prunella vulgaris 4 13 Ranunculus acris 8 33 Trifolium pratense 28 12 Vicia cracca 56 63 Order Arrhenatheretalia Anthoxanthum odoratum 4 11 Galium album 52 45 Heracleum sibiricum 12 4 Leucanthemum vulgare 12 9 Lotus corniculatus 16 7 Order Molinietalia Angelica sylvestris .
Concerning the degree of harmful materials influence in plants; respectively, Medicago sativa, lotus conrniculatus, Trifolium arundinaceae, Trifolium pratense, phalaris arundinaceae, phleum pratense and Dactylis glomerata were observed.
The pervasive influence of an invasive plant (Centaurea maculosa) on AM communities in roots of its competitors such as Dactylis glomerata was indeed an interesting proposition (Mummey et al.
the most notable exotics in the central field were grasses, including Agrostis gigantea, Alopecurus pratensis, Dactylis glomerata, Phleum pratense, Poa pratensis, and Schedonorus phoenix.
species was Dactylis and the shrubs included Rhus glabra and Rosa
Polyphenol oxidase activity in grass and its effect on plant-mediated lipolysis and proteolysis of Dactylis glomerata (cocksfoot) in a simulated rumen environment.
In a recent paper we reported rapid nitrogen mineralisation in soil where lucerne and a mixture of the perennial grasses Phalaris aquatica and Dactylis glomerata had been growing (Angus et al.
of Dactylis glomerata and Poa alpina (Poaceae) in the Alps: Contribution