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The condition characterized by union of two or more digits, as in certain birds and mammals; it is a familial anomaly in humans.
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in humans, a congenital deformation of the hand or foot characterized by the adhesion of two or more digits; a type of developmental anomaly.

Different types of syndactyly are distinguished, depending on the extent of adhesion. With complete syndactyly the connection extends along the entire length of the digits, and with partial syndactyly the connection is limited to the base of the involved digits. Membranous syndactyly is most commonly partial and is manifested by the appearance of a thin, cutaneous membrane at the base of the digits. With simple syndactyly the digits are connected along their entire length by a thick, cutaneous intersection, and with complicated syndactyly the digital bones are fused. The most serious form is terminal syndactyly, which is characterized by the adhesion of only the tips of the digits. This condition is accompanied by the severe deformation of the digits and the loss of their function.

Syndactyly is treated surgically.

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