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It would also be tempting, for instance, to imagine that Lampedusa, a confirmed anglophile, had read at least the first volume of Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast trilogy (1946-59), with its largely abandoned Daedalian corridors full of decay, madness, and subterfuge, all soft with dust.
Ovid describes the Daedalian labyrinth by describing the river that here becomes itself more radically mazelike than a lesser poet could have imagined it.
The daedalian force (45) carries us through the labyrinthine texture and allows us to recognize the dynamics of that texture.
Steeped in the labyrinth's complex of symbolic associations, he was acutely conscious of its dual uses as temenos, the sacred enclosure, and Daedalian labyrinth, the maze prison.
Mann's art is very much an art of making, a Daedalian art of intricate construction.
133) and Tityrus laments that a man as wise as his brother should 'lose himself in a Daedalian maze, / And run mad for a woman' (IV.i, p.
The text itself is a quest narrative that operates at a number of different levels, at once a journey through space and time and a journey "along the blood" (68); a romance trial by landscape that inexorably leads to the monster at the heart of the labyrinth; a Romantic voyage interieur whose unrecognized goal proves equally monstrous; and a journey through a Daedalian work of art that, for all that Winterson denies Joyce a place in her (Harold) Bloomian list
Arturas Tereskinas is a talented poet, innovative and Daedalian, and his work evokes comparison with that of Mayakovsky and Mackus.
John Anthony Lennon, "The Daedalian Factor: Tonality, Atonality, or Musicality?," NT: 25.
The combined unit efforts led to the squadron winning the 2013 Air Force Materiel Command Daedalian Major General Warren R.
HONORS AND AWARDS: National Honor Society; Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps' Daedalian Award; Honor Roll, four years.
Welch Jr., Award and the Daedalian Weapons System Award.