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see Rub al KhaliRub al Khali
[Arab.,=empty quarter], great desert of the Arabian peninsula, c.225,000 sq mi (582,750 sq km); one of the largest sand deserts in the world. The desert occupies much of the southern interior of the peninsula, from the highlands of the Nejd (to the north) to the
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As a result, Ahmad died on the spot while Jaam Dahna and Umar sustained serious injuries.
pdf; Dahna Rohrabacher, "A Balkan Peace Bargain," The Wall Street Journal, (18 October 2011), retrieved 17 June 2014 from http://online.
The packaging manufacturer is owned by well-known establishments Al Suhaimi Holding & Partners and Dahna Middle East.
Lastly, it was announced in January 2010, in a deal with United Industries Company KSCC, Hempel increased its shares in Dahna Paint Middle East to 51.
Five persons died and 15 fell ill after consuming spurious liquor on Holi in Dahna village of Ghaziabad.
The scribe lives up to this billing with a first-rate drama of his own--a love story between two college students, Dahna, an American-educated Kuwaiti (Lanna Joffrey), and Alan, a Jewish American (Josh Philip Weinstein), who also play Scheherazade and King Shahriyar.
Bu amacla sol koroner arterin inen dahna (LAD) 30 dakika iskemiyi takiben 2 saat reperfuzyon uygulanmis, apoptotik DNA kiriklarinin tayininde sikca kullanilan bir yontem olan TdT-mediated X-dUTP nick end labeling (TUNEL) karisimi yapilmistir.
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The two are joined by a strip of sandy desert, the Ad Dahna Desert, in the form of a eastward-facing convex arc more than 620 mi (1,000 km) long and 6-62 mi (10-100 km) wide.
SPA) RIYADH: The tallest camel in the world attracted the attention of visitors to the King Abdul Aziz Festival for Camels in its second edition, which is being held in the Sayaheed in the southern part of Ad Dahna desert around Riyadh.