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, officially Republic of Benin, republic (2015 est. pop. 10,576,000), 43,483 sq mi (112,622 sq km), W Africa, bordering on Togo in the west, on Burkina Faso and Niger in the north, on Nigeria in the east, and on the Bight of Benin (an arm of the Gulf of Guinea) in the
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, republic.
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Price-Mars invites his readers to reason with him in this manner that if the most original primitive African is naturally endowed with a religious status equally to that of other people, isn't it evident that African people of Saint-Domingue have not left their traces in the history of worship in the organized Islam, Dahomean or simply animism?
That Dahomey at the time did not merit recognition as a state member of the international system is consistent with the existing literature's coding the Dahomean war as "extrasystemic." (2) A survey of multiple counterinsurgency cases in recent years shows that the Fon experience is no historical anomaly; in fact, regardless of several differences, the war presents characteristics that resemble some of the recent conflicts faced by Western nations elsewhere.
Among the descendants of slaves there are not only descendants of former slaves sent to the Americas (especially Brazil) who returned to Dahomey but also descendants of slaves who remained on Dahomean soil.
In Floodtide, for example, Ross Parry allows himself to become an unwilling partner in the crimes of Morgan Brittany; and in The Dahomean, the protagonist's fate is to be sold into slavery, despite his authority and wealth.
Their biggest success was In Dahomey (1902), inspired by their experience impersonating Dahomean natives in San Francisco.
Iwas in Vodou; voduns in Dahomean Candomble traditions; wintis in the
(3) In The Cancer Journals, Audre Lorde makes several references to "Dahomean girl Amazons," warriors who cut off one breast in order to be better archers (45).
Houegbadja was the third king of a royal lineage of Dahomean monarchs, but is considered Dahomey's founder as he successfully introduced a sophisticated bureaucracy to govern the kingdom.
Islam and the worship of Yoruban Orishas or Dahomean Voduns provided (partial) alternatives to Catholicism.
And sadly, the book is rife with errors, including various spellings of Colette's name and women prancing around on "high heals." Even worse, an essay on Augusta Savage refers to Dahomean women as "African Americans." If university presses want their books to be taken seriously, they had better start springing for copyeditors and proofreaders.
He was on excellent terms with DuBois, but forged close ties with the activist Kojo Tovalou Quenum, the Dahomean, a disciple of Marcus Garvey....