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, officially Republic of Benin, republic (2015 est. pop. 10,576,000), 43,483 sq mi (112,622 sq km), W Africa, bordering on Togo in the west, on Burkina Faso and Niger in the north, on Nigeria in the east, and on the Bight of Benin (an arm of the Gulf of Guinea) in the
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, republic.
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The town is located in the region formerly occupied by the Kingdom of Hueda, which was conquered by the Kingdom of Dahomey in 1727.
The Dahomey were a fierce but superstitious warrior race who believed a magic serpent lived in the waters of Lake Nokoue.
(31) Paul Hazoume, Le Pacte de Sang au Dahomey, Paris, Institut d'ethnologie, 1956, p.
"The teenagers and young adults from Atacama, Bante, Bornu, and Dahomey could have become Americans after spending four times longer in Alabama than in their homelands," Diouf argues, "but they made a point not to do so.
In fact, the book begins with an evocation of Williams's debut performance with the Ziegfield Follies in 1915, and its penultimate chapter focuses on the 1902 production of In Dahomey. Throughout the book, these two theatrical moments are evoked, partially unpacked, and woven though discussions of assimilationism, separatism, anthropological theories of performativity, intraracial tension, gender conflict, and the multinational manifestations of on- and offstage "blackness" that the author finds lacking in previous analyses of Williams's work.
Robin Law began serious research on Ouidah in the 1980s, intellectually arriving from projects covering the large inland states of Oyo and Dahomey and the Atlantic towns of Lagos and Badagry.
The territory of Dahomey became a French colony in 1892 and achieved independence in 1960, as the Republic of Benin.
O'Connor is never better than when describing this tall Scotsman riding into the capital of Dahomey (modern-day Benin) dressed to the nines in the uniform of Queen Victoria's Life Guards.
Aunque las amazonas griegas no existieron, se sabe que en el reino africano de Dahomey (hoy Benin, ciudad del sur de Nigeria) funciono un temido ejercito de mujeres arqueras, comandadas por el rey Gheso o Gezo (1818-1858), quien entreno y armo con arcos y flechas a sus 2,500 concubinas.
By 1903, black performers were already finding work on Broadway in lively, all-black entertainments like In Dahomey. Florenz Ziegfeld hired the great Bert Williams for the otherwise all-white Follies of 1910, inviting the audience to commiserate with a black man's misery in Williams's signature rendition of "Me and My Shadow." And Broadway has been both promoting and taking advantage of black stars ever since.
More than a century ago, the city of Abomey, approximately eighty miles from the coast, was the capital of the Fon people's kingdom of Dahomey, At the center of the city was the king's splendid palace with noblemen and their entourages, a household with royal wives, and family groups of artists who worked for the kings.
The Amazones bear the name of warrior women from the ancient kingdom of Dahomey, now called Benin.