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Dáil Éireann

Dáil Éireann (dôl āˈrôn, dīl ârˈən) [Irish,=diet of Ireland], the popular representative body of the Oireachtas, or National Parliament, of the Republic of Ireland. The second, smaller chamber, the Saenad Éireann, or Senate, has very limited powers, and the executive, as represented by the prime minister, is responsible to the Dáil, whose members are elected by universal adult suffrage. The members of the first Dáil were elected in Dec., 1918, ostensibly to the British Parliament, but they established themselves as a separate revolutionary body. It first convened at Mansion House, Dublin, in Jan., 1919, and proclaimed the Irish republic. The Dáil existed precariously until the creation of the Irish Free State in 1921, and established itself firmly in the period of civil war that followed. See also Ireland; Sinn Féin.


See study by J. L. McCracken (1958); B. Chubb, The Government and Politics of Ireland (2d ed. 1982).

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The Dail bar should be regulated at the very least, but I'd happily raise my glass if last orders there were called for good instead.
Dail said that the committee's participation in exhibitions and conferences for the development of pharmaceutical industries in the Kingdom is part of its strategy to increase the production of medicine locally at international quality using national expertise and competencies.
As always in honors, students should have the last word, and this collage of his students' words about Dail characterize his legacy:
On a personal note, I had the privilege of working with Dr Dail for 8 years at Virginia Mason Medical Center prior to his retirement in 2006.
The agency's Deployment and Distribution Operations Centers exemplify DLA's drive to modernize and transform its business practices, Dail said.
Building upon the success of improving command and control overseas, Dail also led the new concept of the Joint Task Force--Port Opening, which gives the military the capability to rapidly open a port of entry anywhere in the world.
In a ease heard in Ireland in 1924 the defense, made up of de Valera supporters, argued that the Second Dail and Third Dail were separate institutions and that the Irish Free State was not the legitimate successor to the Second Dail.
the legislation passed by the Dail and the Senate before Easter.
Now the Government is considering a new device which will read the palm of each TD and then, once identified, the Dail member can vote by simply pressing one of two buttons.
Sinn Fein leader and West Belfast MP Gerry Adams, in Monaghan to join the victory celebrations, stressed his commitment to "end British rule in Ireland" would remain paramount as the party entered the Dublin Dail for the first time.
Dail carn yr ebol | o dudalen 26 Yr adeg hynny mi gredwn fod broni bawb yn yr ardal yn ysmygu, ac fe fyddan ni fel plant ceiso arbrofi ac efelychu drwy gael gafael mewn ambell i stwmp neu rhyw ychydig o faco o flwch taid ac yna bwyta nionyn i gael gwared a'r ogla smocio cyn mynd adra.