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Times, the


a British daily newspaper. The Times, founded in 1785, is published in London by Times Newspapers, Ltd. It has close ties with the monopolistic circles of the country. The newspaper sides with the leadership of the Conservative Party on many issues. Circulation, more than 400,000 (1975).

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1785: The Daily Universal Register was first published by John Walter.
Previously known as The Daily Universal Register, which newspaper began publishing in 1788?
In 1785, The Daily Universal Register -- which later became the Times of London -- published its first issue.
Founded in 1785 by John Walter, the paper was originally called the Daily Universal Register before changing its name three years later; it has been the same ever since.
On January 1 1785, the Daily Universal Register first appeared.
James's Chronicle, The Whitehall Evening Post, The Morning Post, 13 October 1786, The Daily Universal Register 14 October 1786, and The London Chronicle, 13 and 17 October 1786.
Though only prints, the impact of Gillray's cartoons should not be underestimated as the first British newspapers--such as the Morning Post (1772) and the Daily Universal Register (1785, later renamed The Times)--had no illustrations of any kind, let alone cartoons (though ironically it was The Times which pioneered the use of illustrations in newspapers when it published a woodcut of Nelson's funeral car on January 10th, 1806).
Snowplough crews battled to free them 1785: The Daily Universal Register was first published by John Walter.
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