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see DalianDalian
or Talien
, Rus. Dalny, Jap. Dairen, city (1994 est. pop. 1,855,200), S Liaoning prov., China, on the Liaodong peninsula in the Bay of Korea.
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, China.
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269) This provision was first introduced into English company legislation in 1928 to deal with Russian banks which had been dissolved in the 1917 revolution, but which still had assets in England: see Russian & English Bank v Baring Brothers & Co Ltd [1936] AC 405; Dairen Kisen Kabushiki Kaisha v Shiang Kee [1941] AC 373.
In October 1924, I was invited by the Japanese to go to the port of Dairen and Port Arthur for a lecture.
By 1926 he had developed an international business, importing rice and soybeans from Singapore, Siam, Burma, Indochina and Dairen (in northeastern China), and during his heyday he possessed a ready stock of 10,000 tonnes of foodstuffs.
The planned course was to enter over Tsingtao, turn right, and pass Dairen toward the northeast provinces.
When they slip too close to the sprawling ranch homes that dot the nearby hillsides, local residents call on Dairen Simpson, trapper and wildlife specialist for Santa Clara County.
Across the Yellow Sea, Russia quickly secured a similar lease of Port Arthur and Dairen.
Her experience there would take the now-professed Sister Mary Gemma Shea to Dairen, Manchuria, in 1930, to Tokyo in 1938, and from a Japanese internment camp in 1943 as one of the hundreds of Americans repatriated on one of the ships involved in a massive Japanese-U.
They included the manufacture of bean oil in Manchuria (Nisshin founded a mill in Dairen in 1907 with a capital of 3.
ACCESS Technologies * ACCI Specialty Materials * Alpine Chemical * AluChem * CB Mills * Chang Chun Plastics * Chartwell International * Dairen Chemical * EUROCERAS * J.
He was murdered in 1945 in Dairen by Japanese officers when he refused to commit suicide.
8%; Dairen Chemical Corporation at 6%; and others at 13.
Principal battles: siege of Dairen (Luda) (1633); siege of Chinchou (1641).