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see DalianDalian
or Talien
, Rus. Dalny, Jap. Dairen, city (1994 est. pop. 1,855,200), S Liaoning prov., China, on the Liaodong peninsula in the Bay of Korea.
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, China.
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and Dairen Chemical Corporation, scored NT$17.5 billion in after-tax earnings on sales of NT$121.628 billion combined in 2010, with group sales in the first half reaching 53% of its total sales in the preceding year.
A stenographer, Sham Lal Jain, deposed before the Khosla Commission that 'Pandit Nehru asked him to make typed copies of a hand-written note that said Bose had reached Russia via Dairen [Manchuria]'.
He also demanded control of the Manchurian seaports of Dairen and Port Arthur--which a glance at the map shows would give him an unbreakable foothold in China--as well as joint control, with the Chinese, of Manchuria's railroads.
But after years of war, the Japanese army eventually prevailed in 1905 and the city was renamed Dairen. For four decades, Japanese engineers rebuilt the seaside gem, which on many maps of the era was shown as part of imperial Japan, with a population of 300,000 Japanese.
Several American consulates were receiving money, too, including the consulates at Nagoya, Kobe, Nagasaki, and Osaka, in Japan; Taihoku, Taiwan; Keijo (Seoul), Korea; Dairen and Harbin in Manchuria; Capetown, South Africa; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.
South Manchuria Railway, Third Report on Progress in Manchuria, 1907-1932 (Dairen [Dalian], June 1932), 19.
China acknowledged the independence of Outer Mongolia, agreed to joint Soviet-Chinese operation of Manchurian railways, Soviet military bases in Port Arthur and Dairen, and Soviet mining enterprises in Sinkiang.
(269) This provision was first introduced into English company legislation in 1928 to deal with Russian banks which had been dissolved in the 1917 revolution, but which still had assets in England: see Russian & English Bank v Baring Brothers & Co Ltd [1936] AC 405; Dairen Kisen Kabushiki Kaisha v Shiang Kee [1941] AC 373.
In October 1924, I was invited by the Japanese to go to the port of Dairen and Port Arthur for a lecture.