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see SiouxSioux
or Dakota,
confederation of Native North American tribes, the dominant group of the Hokan-Siouan linguistic stock, which is divided into several separate branches (see Native American languages).
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a group of Indian tribes in North America that speak Siouan languages. During the 16th century they inhabited the Great Lakes region, engaging in hoe farming, wild-rice gathering, and hunting. In the 17th century they were driven westward into the plains region by the Ojibway (Chippewa) tribes. In the process of migrating, they broke up into several tribes and groups; although differing in social and economic relationships, these tribes and groups formed a confederation, the Seven Council Fires. During the latter half of the 19th century the lands of the Dakota were seized by colonizers, and the Dakota themselves were forced to live on reservations in the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. The modern Dakota are greatly assimilated, practice farming, and work as hired hands. Population is approximately 30,000 (1967, estimate).


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a former territory of the US: divided into the states of North Dakota and South Dakota in 1889
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North Dakotans are to be commended for their hard work and independence.
In so doing North Dakotans cite not monographs but men--founders, farmers, fathers--as proof positive of our genuine, industrious, and superlative heritage.
North Dakotans in general take pride in a peculiar sense of conservatism--one born more from the fierce individuality cultivated in the agrarian tradition of times past than in the contemporary fanaticism of post-Reagan social bigotry.
North Dakotans are far and away the most zealous on this point: One of their distinguishing characteristics is a willingness to display bottles of their yellow, mineral-fouled water for any reporter or politician they meet.
The powers that be scoffed, believing that these were rank amateurs and asserting that North Dakotans didn't care about the privacy change.
Starting August 1, North Dakotans can legally get a bikini wax from state-licensed cosmetologists.
"We remember the floods of Grand Forks, when New Yorkers were there for North Dakotans with their generosity," said Alan Edwards, Basin Electric's senior vice president for external relations and communications.
Until then, South Dakotans had paid little attention to the consequences of placing juvenile offenders under the control of the Department of Corrections.
That the clinic could not stay open reflects decades of educational effort by North Dakotans committed to affirming the value of life.
The study explains, "The selenium content of foods is largely dependent on the selenium content of the soil where the food or animal feed was grown." Soil selenium levels generally increase with distance from the coast, and a scientific sampling found that South Dakotans acquire more selenium from their diets than Bostonians, confirming the trend.
Bright spots: Senators-elect Barbara Mikulski in Maryland and Tim Wirth in Colorado, who ran spirited progressive campaigns; the return of Alan Cranston; the arrival in the Senate of Southerners Wyche Fowler and Terry Sanford and Dakotans Thomas Daschle and Kent Conrad; the new black (John Lewis, Mike Espy) and female (Louise Slaughter, Liz Patterson) faces in the House; the prospect of Ted Kennedy as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Claiborne Pell as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; the repudiation of Ronald Reagan (one wag said he had Teflon coattails) and the repudiation of Reaganism.
Crisis counseling is available to help South Dakotans in areas impacted by the flooding this year.