Dalimil Meziricský

Dalimil Meziřičský


Born in the second half of the 13th century; died early 14th century.

Dalimil Meziřičský is thought to be the author of the most ancient, so-called Boleslav (or Dalimil) verse chronicle of Czech history, which was begun in 1308 and covers up to 1314. The first part of the chronicle is a retelling of ancient chronicles, primarily the Cosmas Pragensis. The author’s treatment of the historical events of his time are of great interest. It is clear from the text that the author of the chronicle was a nobleman. The chronicle, which was first published in 1620 by the Czech scholar P. Jesin, is full of patriotism and hatred of the German colonizers.


NejstarŜí ceská rymovaná kronika tak feceneho Dalimila, vols. 1–2. Prague, 1958.