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Dall sheep:

see bighornbighorn
or Rocky Mountain sheep,
wild sheep, Ovis canadensis, of W North America, formerly plentiful in mountains from SW Canada to N Mexico. Indiscriminate hunting, disease, and scarcity of food enormously reduced its numbers by the mid-20th cent.
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, in zoology.
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New host and geographic records for two protostrongylids in Dall's sheep.
Keywords: Alaska, Dall's sheep, harvest, horn-curl, management, mortality, Ovis dalli dalli
Alaska photojournalist Tom Walker (below) had just such an experience not long ago while trying to photograph Dall's sheep during their early winter rut in the Brooks Range, north of the Arctic Circle.
I personally have not found out my arrow speed, but I have shot wild boar, Dall's sheep and Corsican Ram with 45-or 50-pound bows and a 27-inch draw.
Today, with the land bridge long engulfed by oceans, the wild white sheep of Russia are called Siberian snow sheep and, in North America, Dall's sheep.
North of the Arctic Circle, on the slopes of the mountains where the Dall's sheep live, the sun went down before Thanksgiving and will not rise again until early January.
Observations of vehicle traffic interfering with migration of Dall's sheep, Ovis dalli dalli, in Denali National Park, Alaska.
For those who are not aware, the grand slam of North American sheep consists of harvesting one each of the following sheep species--Rocky Mountain bighorn, desert bighorn, stone sheep and Dall's sheep.
Stone's and Dall's sheep are doing well, also," said Thagard.
Where Dall's sheep roam, grizzly bears wander and caribou click and clack across landscapes spectacular?