Dall sheep

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Dall sheep:

see bighornbighorn
or Rocky Mountain sheep,
wild sheep, Ovis canadensis, of W North America, formerly plentiful in mountains from SW Canada to N Mexico. Indiscriminate hunting, disease, and scarcity of food enormously reduced its numbers by the mid-20th cent.
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, in zoology.
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I dare you to take a Kimber to Alaska, and I'll bet you can take a Dall sheep with it.
I noticed in them a boyish desire to outdo each other by bagging a Dall sheep with longer horns or an Alaska-Yukon moose with wider antlers.
Design of aerial surveys for Dall sheep in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.
At another juncture, though she was busy driving and we were watching, Hutson was the first to spot a bright-white herd of Dall sheep high up a mountain side.
Dall sheep (Ovis dalli), moose, caribou (Rangifer tarandus), and ground squirrels are found in this region.
We stopped to watch bald eagles, caribou, Dall sheep, brown bears, moose, and ptarmigan.
Next we journey to Denali where we'll view abundant large mammals, including grizzly bears, moose, Dall sheep, and caribou
You're gonna see caribou, Dall sheep, American Bald Eagles, and bears.
Tourists coming to see Alaska's bountiful caribou, moose, dall sheep, and more would spend their money on businesses that provide Alaskan residents with jobs--hotels, restaurants, cruises, and car rentals.
It is pygmy forests and stunted spruce, giant herds of caribou, domesticated reindeer, pluss moose, Dall sheep, wolf, Arctic fox, bear, and ptarmigan.
Virtual hunters can trek through the forests of British Columbia or the mountainous regions of Alaska while stalking a variety of species including Dall Sheep, Desert Muleys, Whitetail Deer, Canadian Moose, Polar Bears, Grizzlies, and Wolves.
It also has Rocky Mountain bighorns and California bighorns, and in addition to the famous Stone sheep hunting, there's a small population of pure white Dall sheep in the northwest corner.