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see DalianDalian
or Talien
, Rus. Dalny, Jap. Dairen, city (1994 est. pop. 1,855,200), S Liaoning prov., China, on the Liaodong peninsula in the Bay of Korea.
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, China.
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The Russians were to cede Sakhalin, transfer Port Arthur and Dalny as well as the railway between Harbin and Port Arthur, retain the Trans-Manchurian line subject to its use for nonmilitary and nonaggressive purposes, pay expenses of the war, surrender all ships interned in neutral ports, limit naval strength in the Far East, and grant fishing rights on the Russian Asiatic coast.
The closure of mines (see Map 1), particularly copper mines (Mhangura, Shackleton and Alaska) and chrome mines (Mutorashanga, Sutton and Vanad), as well as the drastic downsizing at gold mines (Muriel and Dalny) left thousands of households--most of them headed by people of Malawian, Zambian and Mozambican origin--stranded with neither a home nor a source of income (see SC-UK 2003).
Assignment number one was to lift the rails from Lauder to Alida, and Lyleton to Dalny. Thirty employees worked six months on 80 miles of track.
Capital will be used also for the completion of the main shaft system and ongoing deep level mechanization at the Dalny mine - the country's largest gold producer at the time of independence.
The Dalny operation returned to profitability in the second half of the year and seems set to continue its position as one of Zimbabwe's major gold producers (995 kg/y).