Dalton plan

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Dalton plan:

see progressive educationprogressive education,
movement in American education. Confined to a period between the late 19th and mid-20th cent., the term "progressive education" is generally used to refer only to those educational programs that grew out of the American reform effort known as the
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Dalton Plan


an educational school system based on individual instruction. It took its name from the city of Dalton, Mass., where it was first used. H. Parkhurst, the founder of this system and a noted American educator, experimented with it in various schools from 1904 to 1920. The plan allowed the students to have freedom to choose their own schoolwork and to arrange their study time as they see fit. The students received advice from their teacher-adviser on how they might best plan their work on a given day, and then they worked independently. Special attention was given to keeping records of the students’ work; this was done through a complicated system of registration cards. The plan made the teacher little more than a consultant and destroyed the classroom method of teaching. In the 1920’s this system partially penetrated Soviet schools in the form of the so-called brigade-laboratory method.

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