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1 shows folia from a mid-19th-century manuscript of the (probably) early 17th-century Sanskrit treatise, Sangitaratnakara of Damodara.
Agriculture Minister Damodara Rout said, "The lift irrigation project in Baragarh district will irrigate 32,000 hectares 19,000 at Bijepur, 8,000 at Sohela and 5,000 at Barpali.
Jasraj will sing semi-classical renditions (Govind Damodara Madhaveti and Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya) in Haveli Sangeet, a devotional genre that is part of the rich historical traditions of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, accompanied by the pakhawaj (a traditional percussion instrument) and the jhanjh (hand cymbals) and the flute by Grammy-nominated flautist Shashank Subramanyam, a disciple of his.
Tenders are invited for Providing of furniture (tables, Desk, Benches and chairs) false ceiling and hand railling damodara sanjeevaiah municipal school in ward no.
Chippar along with Kadatoka Manjunata Bhagawat and Vidwan Damodara Mandecha created history on stage with their brilliant innovations and creativity.
Dandin also reports that his great grandfather, the poet Damodara, was invited by the Pallava monarch Simhavisnu to his court (Avantisundari 9 11).
Tenders are invited for L086-Burhighat To Damodara (Vr86)
Sw Construction Of Portico With Steel Members in connection with Construction Of Main Campus For Damodara Sanjivayya National Law University, Sabbavaram, Visakhapatnam.
The work in question(97) shows that one master, Nagarjuna, was held to be reembodied in the persons of a number of later siddhas - Damodara, Advayavajra, and Ratnamati.