Damon Runyon

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Runyon, Damon

(Alfred Damon Runyon), 1884–1946, American short story writer and journalist, b. Manhattan, Kans. He is best known for his humorous stories—written in a picturesque, slangy journalistic idiom (often referred to as Runyonese)—about New York City's Broadway and underworld characters. Collections of his works include Guys and Dolls (1931), Blue Plate Special (1934), Money from Home (1935), and Runyon à la Carte (1944). The musical Guys and Dolls (1950) was based on Runyon's stories.


See biographies by D. Runyon, Jr. (1954) and J. Breslin (1991).

Runyon, (Alfred) Damon

(1884–1946) journalist, author; born in Manhattan, Kans. He wrote a wide-ranging syndicated column, "On the Brighter Side," for the Hearst chain (1918–36), and penned colorful stories about hoodlums, racketeers, bookies, and other eccentric types encountered in New York's Times Square district. His stories, sold for large sums and collected in several books, inspired the 1950 Broadway musical Guys and Dolls.
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Damon Runyon wrote after the 1923 championship season, "The possession of great wealth is an old story to him.
I used to love Damon Runyon, who as a creator of unreal worlds has much in common with P.
Despite the term's almost invariable appearance in a UK context, it was apparently invented by the American writer Damon Runyon in the 1930s.
of a musical in two acts with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser, book by Jo Swerling, Abe Burrows, based on a story and characters of Damon Runyon.
But these characters, their grandiose slang, and their amusing adventures originated in the stories of Damon Runyon, who began life in Manhattan, Kansas, and ended as the most famous chronicler of that other Manhattan in the 1930s and '40s.
19) See JIMMY BRESLIN, DAMON RUNYON 247 (1991) ("Don't ever leave white space.
Visitors included Amelia Earhart, Damon Runyon, Calvin Coolidge, Al Jolson, Charles Lindbergh, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
Columnists like the splendid Red Smith, and Damon Runyon and Runyon's protege, Jimmy Cannon.
RACING is peopled by characters who often have stepped straight off the pages of a Damon Runyon novel.
Will is the recipient of the Denver Press Club's 12th annual Damon Runyon Award.
Up to this point, there would not be a comeback, and no occasion for Damon Runyon nicknames.