danse macabre

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danse macabre:

see Death, Dance ofDeath, Dance of,
or danse macabre
, originally a 14th-century morality poem. The poem was a dialogue between Death and representatives of all classes from the Pope down. By the 15th cent., pictorial representation with verses illustrating the pictures became common.
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danse macabre

Dance of Death; procession of all on their way to the grave. [Art: Osborne, 299–300, 677]
See: Death

Danse Macabre

Saint-Saëns’ musical depiction of a dance of the dead. [Music Hist.: Thompson, 1906]
See: Horror
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One lady, AnnWiddecombe, is the centre of attraction because she is so out of what we expect that she survives with a dance macabre, a dance grotesque and a dance one can only describe as a flying dumpling.
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Dance macabre - dance of death, a medieval dance in which a skeleton representing death leads a procession of others to the grave
T-SHIRT and clothing boutique Dance Macabre is the latest business to move into the Emporium start-up unit at the Cleveland Centre in Middlesbrough.