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Plant a wide range of flowering plants, and give a place to dandelions.
Plant a wide range of flowering plants, including natives such as hawthorn and willow and give a place to dandelions and other easily accessible flowers.
GARDENERS should help bees by growing "less glamorous" dandelions and never using pesticides, says TV's Monty Don.
Dandelions in this tale are viewed through the eyes of a young child as wonderful, magical playthings.
This comment spurred Rankin to begin writing a serial story about four girls--Bettie, Jeanie, Mabel, and Marjory--who earn the right to use an empty cottage belonging to a local church as their summer playhouse by agreeing to pick all the dandelions on the cottage lawn.
She is too late and tries to explain to her father that to her, the dandelions are not just weeds, but beloved, fuzzy, the color of the sun, and magical.
During one of my son's ball games, I became aware of the abundance of clover and dandelions surrounding me.
For years children have for years been picking the white seed-heads of dandelions and blowing off the seeds in an attempt to tell the time.
Like dandelions, the false dandelion is also edible, leaving a bitter aftertaste.