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(Dates of birth and death unknown.) Ancient Indian author and theoretician of literature of the sixth and seventh centuries.

Dandin was the author of The Mirror of Poetry, a treatise on the theory of literature, and the novel Adventures of the Ten Princes, which is genetically connected with the fairytale epos of Gunadhya’s Brhatkatha. The novel Story About the Beauty From Avanti is attributed to Dandin. As a theoretician Dandin developed a theory of tropes and also worked out a theory of style. His concepts influenced the further development of the theory of literature and poetics in India, including the study of alankaras and the theory of dhvani.


In Russian translation:
Prikliucheniia desiati printsev
. Moscow, 1964.


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Nor does every husband feel bound to repeat at every step, "Tu l'as voulu, Georges Dandin!" like another typical personage; and yet how many millions and billions of Georges Dandins there are in real life who feel inclined to utter this soul-drawn cry after their honeymoon, if not the day after the wedding!
Tu l'as voulu, George Dandin,' that's all we have to say about it!"
(4) A seminal example is available from Dandin's Kavyadarsa 1.14, which stipulates that a work may properly begin with a benediction, an obeisance, or some indication of the subject matter (asirnamaskriya vastunirdeso vapi tanmukham).
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(8) A particularly influential explanation of comparison, which spread throughout South and Inner Asia, was given in the treatise Kavyadarsa ([phrase omitted]), 'The Mirror of Literature', by the literary theorist Dandin ([phrase omitted]), who flourished in South India around the year 700 CE:
The most touching moment was when Principal Administration Prof Shridhar Dandin and Principal Academics Dr Lovendra Solanki handed over a decade of celebrations memento to Founder Director Dr PS Bhatnagar who also happens to be an alumnus of BITS Pilani.
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Born in 1944 in Tunis, Moncef Souissi has to his credit several memorable works, including "el Heni Bouderbala" (adaptation of Moliere's "George Dandin") and "Another Faust".