Dandy Roll

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dandy roll

[′dan·dē ‚rōl]
(mechanical engineering)
A roll in a Fourdrinier paper-making machine; used to compact the sheet and sometimes to imprint a watermark.
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Dandy Roll


a skeleton roll on a paper machine, consisting of a wire frame wrapped with netting. It is designed to level the surface of the paper, improve the paper’s structure and uniformity, and put watermarks on the paper web.


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Xerium said that the combined company will have one of the broadest sets of capabilities with respect to spreader rolls, dandy rolls, and tissue embossing rolls in the world.
Woollard & Henry, which manufactures dandy rolls for the paper industry, is an example of an engineering firm that has become an employee-owned company and reaped the benefits.
Lauterbach spoke about the management challenges for a small supplier competing in the paper industry, characterizing it as being a "David among Goliaths." His company produces dandy rolls, bowed rolls, and spreader rolls.