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a nation (natsiia, nation in the historical sense), making up more than 98 percent of the total population of Denmark—over 4.8 million (1970, estimate); they also live in the northwestern parts of the Federal Republic of Germany (about 15,000), Sweden (about 25,000), and the USA (about 450,000). They speak Danish; most of the believers are Lutherans.

In ancient times the territory of present-day Denmark was settled by Germanic tribes of Cimbri, Jutes, Angles, and Saxons; during the fifth and sixth centuries the Germanic tribe of Danes intruded from southern Sweden. From the sixth through the eighth centuries there occurred a disintegration of the primitive communal structure among these tribes, and in the tenth and 11th centuries a unified Danish nationality was formed from them; an early feudal state took shape. During the 19th century the Danish nation was formed.


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He greeted them with joy, and after feasting and song the Danes and their King departed and left the Goths to guard the hall.
The evening passed in song and laughter, and when darkness fell the Danes lay down to rest in the hall as of old.
Now indeed had peace come to the Danes, and loaded with thanks and rewards, Beowulf returned homeward.
Search me and my dwelling; you will find nothing but three pound five of my own savings, which William Dane knows I have had these six months.
At last, when everyone rose to depart, he went towards William Dane and said, in a voice shaken by agitation--
The shadow of the Saxon hero-king still walks there fitfully, reviewing the scenes of his youth and love-time, and is met by the gloomier shadow of the dreadful heathen Dane, who was stabbed in the midst of his warriors by the sword of an invisible avenger, and who rises on autumn evenings like a white mist from his tumulus on the hill, and hovers in the court of the old hall by the river-side, the spot where he was thus miraculously slain in the days before the old hall was built.
The Great Danes were quick to show off their skills in obedience and agility but there was no doubting who was the biggest hit - little Tiny.
GENEROUS Sunday People readers have given over pounds 1,000 to save 18 Great Danes from death after we revealed their sanctuary was closing.
Downer said in a statement he had nominated McCarthy as his special envoy to Laos and warned that the case of Kerry and Kay Danes, who have been detained since December, was affecting bilateral relations.
Fairy King Prawn, Hong Kong's international flagbearer, narrowly failed to concede 20lb to King Of The Danes in the Sprint Trial Trophy at Sha Tin yesterday, writes Robin Parke.
Contract award: service concession village pastures danes, mures county area of 698.
At Performance Space 122, Claire Danes twists her body into tangled shapes and struggles on the floor.