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Burnham, Daniel Hudson

(bûr`nəm), 1846–1912, American architect and city planner b. Henderson, N.Y. He was trained in architects' offices in Chicago. In that city he established (1873) a partnership with John W. RootRoot, John Wellborn,
1850–91, American architect, b. Lumpkin, Ga. He worked in New York City with James Renwick and became a partner of D. H. Burnham in Chicago. The firm created the modern type of highly organized architectural office suited to the planning of
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 and soon gained many of the most important architectural commissions of the day. Their Chicago works include the Monadnock Building; the 20-story Masonic Temple Building (1892), the first important skeleton skyscraper; the Reliance Building; and the "Rookery" offices. Among their other works were the Flatiron Building and the Wanamaker store in New York City, Union Station in Washington, D.C., and buildings in Cleveland, Buffalo, and San Francisco.

Burnham and Root also designed the general plan for Chicago's World's Columbian ExpositionWorld's Columbian Exposition,
held at Chicago, May–Nov., 1893, in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. Authorized (1890) by Congress, it was planned and completed by a commission headed by Thomas W.
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 (1893) and through it exerted an enormous influence upon contemporaneous civic design. In 1901, Burnham served with C. F. McKimMcKim, Charles Follen,
1847–1909, American architect, b. Chester co., Pa., studied (1867–70) at the École des Beaux-Arts. He was one of the founders of the firm of McKim, Mead, and Bigelow, which in 1879 became McKim, Mead, and White (see William Rutherford
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, F. L. Olmsted, Jr., and Augustus Saint-GaudensSaint-Gaudens, Augustus
, 1848–1907, American sculptor, b. Dublin, Ireland. His family immigrated to New York when he was an infant. An apprentice in cameo cutting at 13, he gained mastery over low-relief sculpture.
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 on the Senate Park Commission in planning for the future beautification of Washington, D.C. With E. H. Bennett he created a civic improvement plan of great importance for Chicago (1907), much of which has since been put into execution. He also prepared plans for Baltimore, Duluth, and San Francisco, and was commissioned by the U.S. government to design plans for Manila and other cities in the Philippines.


See studies by T. Hines (1974, 1979) and K. Schaffer (2003).

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TITLE: Make No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham and the American City
Jenney's firm produced many talented architects, including Daniel Burnham and Louis Sullivan.
IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1909, CHICAGO CITY PLANNER Daniel Burnham unveiled his extensive "Plan of Chicago," a progressive and well-laid outline of public works programs which would propel this town of congestion and confusion into what Time Magazine would one day call "The city that works.
But there was a kind of arrogance about the appropriation of city spaces that characterized the city-beautiful movement as well as Daniel Burnham s great White City in Chicago in 1893, and, to the degree that the fastidious, and lovely, Christian Science churches shared this vision, they also shared its blindness.
Although he emphasized domestic spaces when his peers -- like Louis Sullivan and Daniel Burnham -- saw import only in large public buildings, Lloyd Wright is justly revered for his visionary ability to design houses that commune with their environmental contexts.
Raytheon chairman and chief executive officer Mr Daniel Burnham announced the centre would support a variety of the company's electronic programmes, including air traffic control systems for European and other airports.
Legendary Chicago architect Daniel Burnham on the founding of Burnham and Root, 1873.
The American colonial government commissioned American architect Daniel Burnham to plan for a community hill station or resort-like sanitarium atop the cool mountains of Benguet that would serve as the refuge of American soldiers and employees from the heat in the lowlands.
The group then proceeded to the historic Baguio Cathedral and walked along Session Road to the Burnham Park which is named after American architect Daniel Burnham who designed the original plan for Baguio City.
Cameron Forbes to hire the foremost city planner, Architect Daniel Burnham, of "White City" fame (the 1893 Chicago World Fair) to re-do Manila.
Chicago is in many ways the ideal place for what is to be the largest architecture exhibition on the continent; after all, the Windy City, birthplace of the skyscraper, is where many leading architects, from Daniel Burnham to Mies van der Rohe, revolutionized the world of design.
Experience the renowned architecture of Daniel Burnham at the JW Marriott Chicago Luxury Hotel which soars above skyscrapers in the heart of one of the world's most powerful cities.