Daniel Israel Arnon

Arnon, Daniel Israel


Born Nov. 14, 1910. American biochemist and plant physiologist; of Polish origin.

Arnon graduated from the University of California at Berkeley (1932) and started to teach there in 1936 (professor after 1950). In 1961 he began working as a biochemist for the California Department of Experimental Agriculture. Arnon is known for his work on the photochemistry of chlorophyl in plants and in extracted chloroplasts; for the study of the chemism of the renewal of C02 by chloroplasts; and for the elucidation of the process of photosynthetic phosphorylation, which he discovered in 1954.


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In Russian translation: “Khloroplasty i fotosintez.” In Struktura ifunktsiia fotosinteticheskogo apparata. Moscow, 1962. Pages 181–234.
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Finally in 1954 the Polish-American biochemist Daniel Israel Arnon (b.