Daniel Rutherford

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Rutherford, Daniel


Born Nov. 3, 1749. in Edinburgh; died there Nov. 15, 1819. Scottish chemist, botanist, and physician. Professor at the University of Edinburgh from 1786.

In 1772, Rutherford discovered a gas that did not sustain respiration or combustion and, unlike carbon dioxide, was not absorbed by alkaline solutions. He erroneously identified the gas as air saturated with phlogiston. However, A. Lavoisier proved that the gas was nitrogen, a constituent of air.

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Two goals from Daniel Rutherford and one for Paul Meggison set up Aerodrome's victory.
Aerodrome Club had a comfortable 5-1 win against Dormans FI (Sunday) thanks to a hat-trick from Daniel Rutherford plus a goal each for Darren Bullock and Paul Meggison.
Scorers were Daniel Rutherford, Chris Welford, Chris Rogers and Nigel Wilks.
Thornaby Aerodrome Club still top Division Three following an 11-0 win at Eaglescliffe Bazookas thanks to five goals from Chris Welford, two apiece for Daniel Rutherford and Chris Rogers plus one each for Nigel Wilks and Bradley Murray.
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