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a nation (natsiia, nation in the historical sense), making up more than 98 percent of the total population of Denmark—over 4.8 million (1970, estimate); they also live in the northwestern parts of the Federal Republic of Germany (about 15,000), Sweden (about 25,000), and the USA (about 450,000). They speak Danish; most of the believers are Lutherans.

In ancient times the territory of present-day Denmark was settled by Germanic tribes of Cimbri, Jutes, Angles, and Saxons; during the fifth and sixth centuries the Germanic tribe of Danes intruded from southern Sweden. From the sixth through the eighth centuries there occurred a disintegration of the primitive communal structure among these tribes, and in the tenth and 11th centuries a unified Danish nationality was formed from them; an early feudal state took shape. During the 19th century the Danish nation was formed.


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On Monday, the US president tweeted a jokey image showing a tall golden skyscraper among the homes of a small village on the island.How have Danes reacted?The cancellation was described as a "farce" by the leader of the populist Danish People's Party, Kristian Thulesen Dahl.
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Head of International Coordination of Taxation Ministry Matthias Kisling Harris while briefing the Pakistani journalists who are currently visiting Denmark on the invitation of Denmark Embassy as part of its project 'Media Inspiration of a Welfare State,' shared findings of a survey conducted recently (2018) according to which 63 per cent Danish people think they pay 'suitable amount' of their income in taxes while only 29 per cent thought they were paying 'too much'.
According to one of the authors, previous studies have revealed that both obesity and being overweight are one of the main general drivers of this high amount of remnant cholesterol, especially in the blood of adult Danish people. Of course, there are other factors that come into play, which includes hereditary genes, lack of exercise and diabetes.
Black Danish people, and this mer-folk, can also *genetically* (!!!) have red hair."
Black Danish people, and thus mer-folk, can also *genetically* (!!!) have red hair.
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The Danish left has echoed some of the anti-immigration tilt of the nationalist Danish People's Party, in what Social Democratic leader Mette Frederiksen said is an effort to ensure her party remains relevant.
It all started via an Erasmus exchange program to DenmarkThey way Danish people are educated, raised and socialized is so different from us.
Besides the AfD, the conservative Finns Party and the rightist Danish People's Party have also pledged to support the initiative.

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