Danny Kaye

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Danny Kaye
David Daniel Kaminsky
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York, USA
Actor, singer, comedian

Kaye, Danny (b. David Daniel Kominski)

(1913–1987) comic actor; born in New York City. Dropping out of school at age 13, he began as a comic in the "Borscht Circuit" in the Catskills, then worked as a singer and dancer in nightclubs and vaudeville until he made his Broadway debut in 1939. With his genius for mimicry, controlled slapstick, and patter song delivery, he appeared in a series of successful films from Up in Arms (1944) through The Court Jester (1956), all concocted primarily as vehicles for his versatility. He continued to appear in movies through 1969, and he had a popular variety show on television (1963–67), but increasingly he gave his energies to charitable causes, especially as a fundraiser for UNICEF, and often by appearing as a mock guest conductor of symphony orchestras. He received a special Academy Award in 1954 for "his service… to the motion picture industry and the American people."
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The theatre concentrated on classical works during its early years, but later hosted popular performers, including Judy Garland, Danny Kaye, Gracie Fields and Laurel and Hardy.
1948: The Royal Family went to see Danny Kaye (below)at the London Palladium, the first "non-command performance" attended by a reigning monarch.
| 1948: The Royal Family went to see Danny Kaye at the London Palladium, the first "non-command performance" attended by a reigning monarch.
It opened in 1951 with a concert featuring Danny Kaye. Well, I didn't get to see Danny Kaye but I did see film actors Stanley Baker and Richard Burton, who were big boxing fans, there on one occasion.
1948: The Royal Family went to see Danny Kaye at the London Palladium, the first 'non-command performance' attended by a reigning monarch.
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On the other hand, more energetic physical and in-your-face comedy was vivified in the '40s and '50s by carrot-topped Danny Kaye, who sent audience members rolling in the aisle with his gung-ho, all-out, in-your-face humor, in memorable cinematic vehicles like The Inspector General and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.