see TahpanhesTahpanhes
, Tahapanes
, or Tehaphnehes
, ancient city, NE Egypt, on Lake Manzala. The site is now on the Suez Canal. Herodotus states that the city (called by the Greeks Daphnae) had a garrison of Psamtik's troops and, in the early 5th cent. B.C.
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Dierna, cerca de la actual Orsova, Turris (Turnu Magurele) Daphnae (Oltenita), Comidava (Risnov), Drobeta, (hoy Drobeta-Turnu Severin), etc.
an uncountable number of Daphnae move about." The next successive scenes penetrate the water, as if Painleve is inviting the viewer to dive into the stream (and perhaps the unconscious) and see with the eyes of a fish.
DiStasio Scottsville, NY Mary Ann Dobe Syracuse, NY Jean Donnely Syracuse, NY Daphnae Dorn Reading, MA Jane M Doughty Deansboro, NY Laurie P.
One of the latter was the prophet Jeremiah, who ended up gloomily in the Delta city of Daphnae, after the fall of Jerusalem in 587 BC, where he rewarded his hosts by prophesying that they too would fall under the Babylonian yoke.