Dardanelles Battle of 1807

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Dardanelles Battle of 1807


a naval battle fought on May 10–11 (22–23), 1807, during the Russo-Turkish War of 1806–12.

Beginning on March 6 (18) the squadron of Vice-Admiral D. N. Seniavin, located in the Mediterranean, blockaded the Dardanelles. On May 10 the Russian squadron (ten ships of the line and one frigate) attacked a Turkish squadron (eight ships of the line, six frigates, four sloops, one brig, and as many as 80 galleys), under the command of Kapudan-pasa Seyyid Ali, which was coming out of the Dardanelles. After the battle the Turkish squadron hid itself in the straits. On May 11 the Russian ships attempted to destroy three remaining damaged Turkish ships, but they managed to get away. Russian losses were 81 men killed and wounded, whereas the Turks had casualties amounting to more than 2.000 men.


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