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(pseudonym of Zakir Ramiev). Born Nov. 22 (Dec. 4). 1859, in the village of Dzhirgan, Orenburg Province; died October 1921 in Orsk. Tatar poet. Born into the family of a merchant.

Dardmend studied in a madrasah. He lived in Istanbul during 1880–84. He began publishing the newspaper Vakyt(Time) in Orenburg in 1906, and in 1908–10 he published the social and literary journal Shuro (Council), which was a forum for major Tatar writers.

Dardmend began publishing his work in 1903. His more famous poems include “Whose Voices Are These?” (1906), “The Ship” (1908). “Life” (1908), “Story About Love” (1908), “We” (1908). and “Lullaby” (1908). Dardmend also wrote for children (“Rain,” “Spring.” and “The Sun Has Risen”).


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