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(self-designation, Dargan), people in the Dagestan ASSR who live in the Akusha, Dakhadaevskii, Kaitag, Levashi, Sergokala, and several other neighboring raions. The Darghin population, including the Kaitags and Kubachins, who are related to them in language, culture, and way of life, is 231,000 (1970, census). The Darghin language is one of the written literary languages of Dagestan. Religious Darghins are Sunni Muslims. The Darghins, like most of the other peoples in Dagestan, constitute the native population of the country. Chief branches of the economy are kolkhoz farming, livestock raising, and horticulture. Crafts developed long ago. The village of Kubachi is famous for its master goldsmiths.


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