pass, Georgia: see DaryalDaryal
or Dariel
, pass, c.3,950 ft (1,204 m) high, N Georgia, in the central Greater Caucasus Mts. below Mt. Kazbek. Situated above the Terek River, it is noted for its wild grandeur.
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As Italian Nobel Prize laureate (and prominent church critic) Dariel Fo told Italy's La Repubblica, "I'm against any form of censorship because the right to [free] speech is sacred."
THE adoption ceremony of baby Dariel Devante was bittersweet.
Survivors include her life partner of 30 years; a son, Kevin Rasmussen of Eugene; two stepdaughters, Kathy Wofford of Eugene and Amy Reehl of Hillsboro; a stepson, Buddy Currie of Oakland, Ore.; a half-brother, Jack Koines of Palos Verdes, Calif.; a half-sister, Dariel Koines of Portland; and six grandchildren.
Un ejemplo de esta actividad es la publicacion de la epopeya de los cuna Alteraciones del Dariel, escrita por el jesuita espanol Juan Francisco de Paramo y Cepeda en las ultimas decadas del siglo xvii (1998, 145).
For example, Gleijeses proves that Dariel Alarcon (alias Beningo), a former associate of Che Guevara's who now lives in France, is a liar.
He told the forum that the recent hiring of Dariel J.
Early Life: Born June 4, 1964 in London, the second child of actor Jon Pertwee and his German wife Ingeborg - his older sister, Dariel, is also a thespian.