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see beerbeer,
alcoholic beverage made by brewing and fermenting cereals, especially malted barley, usually with the addition of hops as a flavoring agent and stabilizer. One of the oldest of alcoholic beverages (there is archaeological evidence dating to c.3000 B.C.
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(food engineering)
A fermented malt beverage, differing from beer in containing up to 8% alcohol by volume and being hopped more heavily.


1. a beer fermented in an open vessel using yeasts that rise to the top of the brew
2. (formerly) an alcoholic drink made by fermenting a cereal, esp barley, but differing from beer by being unflavoured by hops
3. Chiefly Brit another word for beer


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Black Top is a Midwestern variant on the Cascadian dark ales and Black IPAs that have been popping up on both coasts.
It's an incredible offering (and distinctive, too - try the Obsidian Rare dark ale or Bacchus Ivy-Bush Owl - two of my favourites) for such a young brewery, and offers a very different approach to the ones we're used to.
The festival will start on July 16 and the beers will include Old Windsor Dark Ale and Gold Ale.
Wychwood's Hobgoblin is a characterful dark ale with fruity, toffee malt flavours.
Among the new suppliers are The Authentic Curry Company in Aberdare and Brays Sweets Limited in Barry, while existing supplier Rhymney Brewery adds Rhymney Dark Ale to its existing range in Co-operative stores.
Nursing a pint of this dark ale, which is served in a traditional straight porter glass, among classic Victorian decor and taking in the banter from those propping up the bar felt more like a scene from James Joyce's classic Dubliners than downtown Belfast in 2006.
5% abv dark ale supplied by family brewer Randall's in Guernsey, won a trial 18-week listing with the supermarket after winning its Beer Challenge competition.
Ourpub spy especially liked the Old Windsor Dark Ale.
For the time being, Mr Darby is keeping the name of the new beer under wraps, but it will carry the Banks's brand and be a lower alcohol, dark ale.
Not only does it feature the two cuts of beef, it's very tomato-rich and also gets a depth of flavour from dark ale and a touch of coffee.
Full Sail Brewing of Hood River, OR, has released a new beer in their Brewer's Share Experimental line called "Duffy's Counterpunch," an Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale (ICDA) crafted by Marketing Coordinator Stephanie Duffy (pictured above).
Since then, Delavals has produced three more craft ales based around North East Trust properties: Souter Lighthouse Best Bitter, Lindisfarne Castle Dark Ale and Washington Old Hall Honey Beer, available in bottles and on draught.