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One of the drawbacks of existing Darlington amplifier solutions, however, is the need for an external dropping resistor for setting and stabilizing the bias current of the amplifier.
The application diagram illustrates the design employment of a typical InGaP-GaAs-based Darlington amplifier where an external resistor [R.
The Darlington Amplifier product series is listed in Table 1.
For the 30 WCDMA application, ECG005 and ECG003 devices are selected from the Darlington Amplifier series, and ECG009 and ECG015 devices from the High Linearity Amplifier series.
Since the Darlington Amplifier is a broadband design, its gain variation over 200 MHz is less than the reactively matched High Linearity Amplifier.
The Darlington Amplifier, with its broad frequency band design, provides less gain variation over the 200 MHz bandwidth.
Avago Technologies, the world's largest privately held semiconductor company, today announced the ADA-4789, a cost-efficient, high linearity silicon bipolar Darlington amplifier in a low thermal resistant SOT-89 package for use up to 2.
The ADA-4789 is the latest addition to Avago's proven family of silicon bipolar Darlington amplifiers.
WJ Communications, Inc (Nasdaq:WJCI), a leading designer and supplier of RF semiconductors and multi-chip modules, today introduced 14 new Darlington amplifier gain blocks to it's existing product portfolio.
WJ Communications has added a number of new Darlington amplifiers to its product line that enhance and expand the selection of 50-ohm gain blocks," said Ron Buswell, senior vice president of marketing and product line for WJ Communications.
Sirenza Microdevices (NASDAQ:SMDI) today announced the production release of the SGC series of active bias amplifier ICs, which includes 10 new SiGe hetero-junction bipolar transistor (HBT) Darlington amplifiers, configured with Sirenza's patented active-bias network.
The SGC product line-up includes ten new SiGe hetero-junction bipolar transistor (HBT) Darlington amplifiers, configured with a patented active-bias network.