Darmesteter, Arsène

Darmesteter, Arsène


Born Jan. 5, 1846. in Château Salins; died Nov. 16, 1888. in Paris. French philologist; professor at the Sorbonne (1883).

Darmesteter’s main work was devoted to lexicology: The Formation of French Words (1875), Formation of New Words in Our Times (1877), and The Life of Words (1887). With the collaboration of A. Hatzfeld and A. Thomas, Dar-mesteter compiled the etymological General Dictionary of the French Language (vols. 1–2, 1895–1900). He was the author of the historical Grammar of the French Language (published posthumously, parts l-4, 1891–97).


Reliques scientifiques, vols. 1–2. Collected by his brother James Darmesteter. Paris, 1890.


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