Dasa Laksana Parvan

Dasa Laksana Parvan (Time of the Ten Characteristics)

August-September; fifth to 13th day of the waxing half of Hindu month of Bhadrapada
Dasa Laksana Parvan is a Jain festival observed by the Digambara, or "sky-clad," sect, which is the dominant sect in southern India. Its members are called "sky-clad" because they believe that total nudity is required of monks; even images of the Jinas or spiritual teachers should not be clothed.
This festival usually falls during the latter part of the rainy season, and it may last 10 days instead of eight. Scripture readings focus on different portions of the holy text describing the 10 characteristics to which Jains aspire: forbearance, gentleness, uprightness, purity, truth, restraint, austerity, renunciation, lack of possession, and chastity. The Svetambara, or "white-clad," Jains—the dominant sect in northern India, which believes that monks and images of the Jinas should be clothed—observe a similar festival, known as Paryushana, just before Dasa Laksana Paryan begins.
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