Data Retrieval

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data retrieval

[′dad·ə ri′trē·vəl]
(computer science)
The searching, selecting, and retrieving of actual data from a personnel file, data bank, or other file.
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Data Retrieval


a type of information retrieval providing concrete pieces of data. Data retrieval may thus be distinguished from other types of information retrieval, such as reference retrieval, which permits the obtaining of information on source documents.

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"The new Mine Data Retrieval System will simplify the process for operators and others to obtain key data points and compare the safety of their mines with industry standards," said MSHA Assistant Secretary David G.
Out of total respondents, 57 (80%) found HMS as useful tool for data retrieval and 25 (35%) stated that manual record should be retained along with electronic records.
The Data Retrieval Tool will return October 1 on the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.
Last week, members of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators met with members of Congress to discuss both the continued outage of the IRS Data Retrieval Tool and potential budget cuts to federal student aid programs.
Contact our expert mac book pro repairs in Shepherd's Bush, London team for all your mac repairs, data retrieval and upgrade requirements.
Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. Avoid making a mistake inputting your tax data by hand.
He reported that an electronic archive has been created for all data of the Higher Attestation Commission since 1994, which provides conditions for rapid data retrieval, as well as for conducting statistical researches.
Moreover, the new CAM achieve the same level of high-speed data retrieval as current CMOS based CAM that feature 5ns and low power consumption of 9.4mW.
This machine data retrieval tool ensures that even the most remote or difficult to reach compressors can easily be monitored enhancing production reliability.
he economic crisis sees em -ployers within the commercial TTTsector utilise the facilities of surveillance and computer data retrieval to gather evidence concerning employees running a business, or assisting a spouse or part-t ners business in their employers company time.
The company said that both companies will benefit from the partnership with Connexica standing to capture a greater share of the Central European market, while Antavent will be able to offer its customers a greater range of data retrieval and management solutions.
The system will also support data streaming to customers, archiving and data retrieval for historical analysis.