data conferencing

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data conferencing

Sharing data interactively among several users in different locations. Data conferencing is made up of whiteboards and application sharing and are often used in conjunction with an audio or videoconferencing connection.

A whiteboard is the electronic equivalent of the chalkboard or flip chart. Participants at different locations simultaneously write and draw on an on-screen notepad viewed by everyone.

Application Sharing and Application Viewing
Application sharing is the same as remote control software, in which multiple participants can interactively work in an application that is loaded on only one user's machine. Application "viewing" is similar to application "sharing;" however, although all users can see the document, only one person can actually edit it. See whiteboard, application sharing, remote control software and T.120.

A Whiteboard
In this example, two people are collaborating on a drawing that one of them pasted into the whiteboard while they were connected in a NetMeeting conference. Using the whiteboard's red marker, a particular area of interest was circled.
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Today's announcement will truly open up geotechnical data collaboration across Bentley, Autodesk, and other platforms," he added.
Seeing the large opportunity in parking business in expanding and unsaturated marketplace due to rapid urbanization, increase in vehicle population, shared mobility and data collaboration ParkingRhino has developed a smart data platform to help find and manage to park and also solving other mobility use cases.
c) NEC can provide a service infrastructure that combines various technologies, such as biometric identification, identity collaboration, data collaboration, and blockchain to distributors and financial businesses, and promote data distribution that delivers the right information to the right people and things.
27 February 2019 - US-based automated machine learning specialist DataRobot has acquired Cursor, a San Francisco-based company that provides a data collaboration platform which helps organisations find, understand and use data more efficiently, the company said.
The company supplies products within more than 40 countries across all continents.Veratrak focuses on developing technologies to support secure data collaboration within the pharmaceutical supply chain.
It eliminates redundancies & enhances data collaboration across departments and business lines."
Research partnerships and data collaboration lead to breakthroughs in knowledge and will also help push for scientific welfare in the Philippines.
Workiva is a provider of data collaboration, reporting and compliance solutions.
Workiva is a leader in data collaboration, reporting and compliance solutions.
Workiva (NYSE:WK), a provider of data collaboration, reporting and compliance solutions, has announced that it has received Authorization to Operate (ATO) under the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), the company said.
ZWSOFT has launched a full-featured and budget-friendly 3D CAD viewer, CADbro 2018 SP, which allows lightning-fast data collaboration through its view, annotation and analysis functions.

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