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The UCSB digital classroom shown in Figure 1 has three ceiling mounted data projectors that project on standard projection screens, two presentation laptop computers with signal interfaces at the front of the room, and one presentation desktop with signal interface at the back of the room.
Using the data projector, the computer lab instructor shows how the calculator program works and calls out a few practice problems for the students.
Westgate Primary School has been given pounds 2,500 for an interactive whiteboard and data projector.
The SMART Board from SMART Technologies Inc., is an interactive white board that works with a computer and data projector. The computer image is projected onto the Board, and instructors press its large, touch-sensitive surface to access and control computer applications.
This year, the media center includes all Dell PCs and laptops and a 30-computer station with a ceiling-mounted video data projector. Students can access the Internet, Microsoft Office and Plato, a curriculum software package.
A Sony data projector was stolen from a Mondeo at the Hilton Hotel, Stratford Road, Longbridge, near Warwick, and four cars were attacked at Chesford Grange Hotel, near Kenilworth.
ELMO's new Model EDP-3100 is their lightest and brightest LCD multimedia data projector to date.
Based on active-matrix LCD technology, the Mediashow data projector from Sayett produces computer images in 79,507 colors; when used with an optional video decoder, it will project 256,000 colors.