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(XRI Data Interchange) An OASIS standard for data exchange and synchronization on the Internet. XDI is based on the OASIS XRI digital identifier standard for i-names and i-numbers (see XRI and i-name for details). XRI and XDI service providers are known as "i-brokers."

Automatic Updating
With XDI, any data that might change, such as contact information, parts lists and inventory levels, can be automatically pushed to the authorized parties. The two parties must first have XDI i-broker accounts, and then the receiver must request an XDI link contract with the sender. This link contract is an XDI document that describes all the terms of the data sharing relationship. For example, the link contract might state that when specific data changes, the publisher's XDI i-broker will send the subscriber's XDI i-broker a notification or the entire set of changed data.

The Dataweb
The term "Dataweb" was coined to refer to the Web when it fully implements i-names, i-numbers and XDI. However, the Semantic Web is sometimes called a Dataweb. See Semantic Web.

XDI History
What became XDI started as a push technology developed by Intermined Corporation, later renamed OneName Corporation and then Cordance Corporation (www.cordance.net). It evolved into XNS (Extensible Name Service) governed by the XNS Public Trust Organization (XNSORG). In 2002, XNSORG contributed XNS to OASIS, and the name was changed to XRI for the identifiers and XDI for the data exchange protocol. For more information, visit www.xdi.org. See XRI, i-name and i-broker.
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