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(1) The interrelationships between a subset of data that exists on the Web. The goal is to link together as much data as possible. See Semantic Web.

(2) A persistent naming system for people, organizations and data on the Web. The names remain valid no matter how many changes are made to their location and URLs. See XRI.

(3) (DataWeb) A database of trade and tariff data freely available to the public by the U.S. International Trade Commission.
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This study is a theoretical and empirical examination of the impact of data web integration on the relation between CRM (which includes customer prospecting, empowerment and understanding customer expectations) and customer loyalty.
In addition to print publication, the new x-ray wavelength table will soon be available on the NIST Physical Reference Data Web site at http://physics.
It is available on CD by ordering from the NIST Standard Reference Data web site.

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