database administrator

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database administrator

A person responsible for the design and management of one or more databases and for the evaluation, selection and implementation of database management systems. In smaller organisations, the data administrator and database administrator are often one in the same; however, when they are different, the database administrator's function is more technical. The database administrator would implement the database software that meets the requirements outlined by the organisation's data administrator and systems analysts.

Tasks might include controling an organisation's data resources, using data dictionary software to ensure data integrity and security, recovering corrupted data and eliminating data redundancy and uses tuning tools to improve database performance.

database administrator

A person responsible for the physical design and management of the database and for the evaluation, selection and implementation of the DBMS.

In most organizations, the database administrator and data administrator are one and the same; however, when the two responsibilities are managed separately, the database administrator's function is more technical. See system development life cycle, job descriptions and salary survey.

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