Daut Iultyi

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Iultyi, Daut


(also Daut Iultyev). Born Apr. 6 (18), 1893, in the village of lulty, in what is now Krasnogvardeisk Raion, Orenburg Oblast; died 1938. Soviet Bashkir writer and public figure. Member of the CPSU from 1919.

Iultyi fought in World War I and the Civil War. In 1926 he graduated from the Institute of the Red Professors in Moscow. He was a party worker and a journalist. Iultyi began his literary activities in 1908. In his prerevolutionary poems he denounced social injustice. After 1917 his poetry took on overtones of agitational and publicist writing.

In the narrative poems Maisara (1930) and Aikhylu (1933) and in verse cycles, Iultyi portrayed people of labor. He was the first Bashkir poet to depict Lenin, in the poem “On Lenin.” In 1934 he published the first book of Blood, a novel of revolutionary history (Russian translation, 1936); the second book was written in 1936 and published in 1970. Iultyi was also the author of the first Bashkir play based on revolutionary history, the drama Karagul (1920). Iultyi wrote articles asserting the principles of socialist realism.


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