Dave Brubeck

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Brubeck, Dave

(David Warren Brubeck) (bro͞o`bĕk), 1920–2012, American pianist and composer, b. Concord, Calif. Brubeck began studying piano at the age of four and later studied composition with Milhaud and Schoenberg. In 1951 he organized a jazz quartet with alto saxaphonist Paul Desmond. His music, influenced by modern classical composers, was distinguished by complex harmony and the use of meters not typical in jazz.

Brubeck, (David Warren) Dave

(1920–  ) jazz musician; born in Concord, Calif. He is one of the handful of modern jazz artists to have achieved mainstream popularity, largely through his recording of "Take Five" in 1962, and his attractive use of unconventional time signatures. A classically-trained pianist who studied with Darius Milhaud, he composed works for ballet, symphony orchestra, and the musical theatre and he toured regularly with his Quartet, which he formed in 1949.
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Hearing Peter was like hearing Mozart or the late jazz composer Dave Brubeck for the first time--music that upends your entire notion of its genre.
Dave Brubeck (University of the Pacific), 91, helped popularize jazz "at a time when younger listeners had been trained to the sonic dimensions of the three-minute pop single," observed Ben Ratliff in an obituary for The New York Times.
The 2013 Grammys also saw the return of Justin Timberlake as well as great performances by Kelly Clarkson, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Carrie Underwood and Frank Ocean as well as tributes to Bob Marley, Dave Brubeck and Levon Helm.
Dave Brubeck, an American giant in the field of jazz and classical music in the last half of the twentieth century, died of heart failure on Wednesday, 5 December 2012, one day short of his ninety-second birthday.
I met Dave Brubeck because I was one of the organizers.
En el transcurso de una semana el mundo de la musica perdio a dos de sus figuras mas representativas e influyentes en el siglo XX: el pianista y compositor de jazz Dave Brubeck, fallecido el 5 de diciembre, y la del musico hindu Ravi Shankar, el martes 11.
NEW YORK -- Jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck, who tinkered masterfully with rhythm and style and won millions of new fans around the world for the quintessentially American musical genre, died on Wednesday of heart failure at the age of 91.
LEGENDARY American jazz pianist Dave Brubeck died yesterday - at the age of 91.
6 ( ANI ): Jazz legend Dave Brubeck, the man behind the famous song 'Take Five,' died in Connecticut on Wednesday.
JAZZ composer and pianist Dave Brubeck, whose pioneering style in pieces such as "Take Five" caught listeners' ears with exotic, challenging rhythms, has died.
LEGENDARY jazz pianist Dave Brubeck died yesterday - hours short of his 92nd birthday.
Mention the name of jazz legend Dave Brubeck, and for many the first word association is "Take Five," the title of the smash instrumental tune that Brubeck's quartet released in 1959.