David Bagrationi

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Bagrationi, David Georgievich


Born July 1, 1767; died May 13, 1819, in St. Petersburg. Georgian tsarevich, statesman, writer, and scientist.

In 1803, after the unification of Georgia with Russia, Bagrationi moved to St. Petersburg. He was the author of various translations into Georgian (among them Montesquieu’s The Spirit of Laws) and of learned works of a feudalist-absolutist tendency: Survey, a work on the history of Georgia (1800);/! Short History of Georgia. . . (1805, 1893); New History of Georgia (1941); and Survey of Georgia with Regard to Laws and Jurisprudence (1959).

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The second representative of Georgian Royal family, David Bagrationi made a special contribution to disseminating enlightneers' ideas.
David Bagrationi, a descendant of the Bagrationi royal dynasty, claims, his family has nothing to do with the calls for
According to David Bagrationi, after Ilia II baptized his son and called him the Prince, there have been statements and calls for