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a city in Stolin Raion, Brest Oblast, Byelorussian SSR; situated on the Goryn’ River (Pripiat’ basin) 41 km from the Goryn’ railroad station (on the Luninets-Sarny line). A butter and cheese plant and a factory manufacturing fitter’s tools are located in David-Gorodok.

The site of an ancient town has been preserved on the right bank of the Goryn’ in the center of the modern city. It is round and enclosed by an earthen bank. This is the oldest part of the city. The excavations of R. Iakimovich in 1937–38 and P. F. Lysenko in 1967 uncovered the remains of frame dwellings, a wooden church, wooden roads, and several rich burials. Many articles made of wood, bone, iron, bronze, and glass were found, as well as fragments of earthenware vessels. The founder of the city is reputed to be Prince David Igorevich of Vladimir and Volyn’, who claimed the area around the Goryn’ River after a conference of the princes at Vitachev (1100). According to archaeological data, the emergence of the city dates from the end of the 11th century or the beginning of the 12th.


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