Davidson, Thomas

Davidson, Thomas,

1842–1900, American scholar and philosopher, b. Scotland, grad. Univ. of Aberdeen, 1860. In 1866 he went to Canada and then to the United States. On a visit to London in 1883 he founded the Fellowship of the New Life, out of which the Fabian SocietyFabian Society,
British socialist society. An outgrowth of the Fellowship of the New Life (founded 1883 under the influence of Thomas Davidson), the society was developed the following year by Frank Podmore and Edward Pease.
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 developed, and later established a summer school at his home in the Adirondacks as well as lecture classes for workers in New York City. He acted as tutor, traveled extensively in Europe, and wrote several books on philosophy and education including The Philosophical System of Antonio Rosmini-Serbati (1882), Aristotle and Ancient Educational Ideals (1892), and History of Education (1900).


See W. A. Knight, ed., Memorials of Thomas Davidson (1907); William James, Memories and Studies (1911).

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