Davis, Ernie

Davis, (Ernest) Ernie

(1939–63) football player; born in New Salem, Pa. A three-time All-America halfback and 1961 Heisman Trophy winner, he set yardage and scoring records at Syracuse University. His pro career was curtailed by leukemia.
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Back row (from left): Derek Palmer, Matt Stephenson, Ron Bayliss, Gwyn Jones, John Sheffield, Phil Williams, Roy Staff; third row: Ray Bayliss, Phil Burton, Mich Jones, Bob Hancocks, Barry Bentley, Pat Brewerton, Mel Mulk; second row: Paul Burden, John Ruscoe, John Worsley, Rich Good, John Dixon, John Linton; front row: David Bullock, Jimmy Jones, Colin Davis, Ernie Stacey, Brian Boseley.; ALWAYS PREPARED..
I cannot remember the names of all my former classmates but they included George Humphrey, Ossy Davis, Ernie Robinson, Eve Young, Joan Taylor, Mary Moore, Hester Cullen, Margaret Fall and Gladys Potter.
Second, like Bill Davis, Ernie Eves seems to recognize that Ontario's future, particularly its economic future, is inextricably intertwined with the long-term economic health and development of Northern Ontario and that it is in the government's interest to support northern development.
"Certainly Dennis Oakes ranks as the best player I've seen play for Bedworth although there's been a lot of outstanding talent out there in the middle including Roger Davis, Ernie Ford, George Jackson and Joe Judd just to name a few.